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Computer Forensics

Maryman & Associates provides professional excellence in computer forensic investigations, accurate preservation of volatile evidence, comprehensive examinations, detailed reports, and experienced expert witness testimony.

Incident Response

The investigators of Maryman & Associates can be quickly deployed to aid in the identification, containment, and recovery from matters related to hacking, intellectual property theft, and HR complaints, among others.


The Maryman & Associates team possesses a wide array of technical and analytical skills and is able to provide complete technical investigation resources, assist in an internal investigation, or augment an information security team.


Maryman & Associates experts provide electronic discovery services in conjunction with computer forensics, allowing for the rapid searching, processing, redaction, and review of electronically stored information.

About Maryman & Associates

  • Maryman & Associates provides investigative and litigation support services for cyber forensic investigations including incident response, hacking, fraud, intellectual property theft, and family law cases. The team is made up of seasoned professionals possessing a wide range of technical and investigative skills with various backgrounds including federal law enforcement, industry, and academia. The Los Angeles headquartered team provides a full spectrum of digital forensic services including acquisition, analysis, expert witness testimony, and mitigation solutions. At the forefront of technology and computer forensics, the team led by former FBI Special Agent Brad Maryman expertly analyzes hacked or compromised mobile and smart devices including iPhone, iPad, and BlackBerry devices, Apple, Windows, Linux, and Unix client and server environments along with specialized acquisitions of non-standard and embedded hardware.

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