How Maryman & Associates Can Help

Nearly all investigations arise from an incident caused, aided or facilitated by technology. The technical capabilities and skills set of the Maryman & Associates team allow for the mitigation of multiple types of risks and vulnerabilities.

> Human Resources Investigations > Decryption of Encrypted Data
From inappropriate e-mails to threatening messages, computers, servers, and mobile devices maintain data in many forms. The M&A team can extract relevant communications and documents to help you make accurate decisions. Encrypted corporate data, where the encryption keys have been lost, stolen or destroyed can pose a significant loss or present substantial risk to the company. We can assist in the decryption of the data or the recovery of the encryption keys.
> Fraud Investigations > Intellectual Property Theft
Criminals can hack into a computer and alter data in an unauthorized manner. Sophisticated criminals can create software that tracks and forwards information related to personal identification, financial, and medical data. Identity thieves can then use this information to make unauthorized credit card purchases and obtain fraudulent personal loans. A variety of accounting and financial irregularities may be traced to computer manipulation. The most valuable assets of a company are its research and development and corporate intellectual property. During these tough economic times, a disgruntled or terminated employee has many incentives to steal your IP and sell it to a competitor or bring it with them to a new job causing customer distrust, reduced revenue, and breach of contract. Computers leave behind trails that can allow for prosecution of this crime.
> Employee Misconduct > Compromised Computer Systems
Trusted employees may embezzle company funds by altering or deleting financial records. Unauthorized use of corporate computer systems related to gaming, explicit material and gambling can lead to lost productivity as well as potential corporate liability to other employees and shareholders. System and network data breaches, compromised corporate systems and virus and malware outbreaks are always costly and dangerous to brands. They can also become company extinction level events. We provide post-incident containment, remediation and recovery from these types of events as well as analysis of peer-to-peer network threats, network intrusions and Point of Sale (POS) and payment system breaches.
> Corporate Due Diligence & Multi-national Investigations > Information Security Policy Framework
Today’s company records are held in digital form and may be found in data repositories across the nation or around the globe. We can help you find the answers you seek no matter where they exist. Building a Security Policy Framework for a company or corporation is no small or easy task. Allow the experts to assist you in creating a strong information foundation based on industry best practices and information security and assurance controls.