Computer Forensics

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Computer forensics is the science and art of investigating and extracting information from digital devices including computers, mobile phones, and servers. Our process beings with devices of interest being acquired into a court-approved technical file format. This information is then brought back to the team’s secure lab and investigated using a wide variety of software tools and techniques. Frequently during digital forensic investigations, investigators/examiners are able to discern a wide variety of information including connected storage devices (i.e., USB thumb drives, external hard drives, etc.), log-on/log-off and connection times, recovery and analysis of internet and web traffic history, recovery of deleted files, and analysis of live and deleted e-mail. In combination with a detailed report and expert witness testimony, this allows your case to prevail.

  • →    Analysis of corporate intellectual property theft
  • →    Deleted file recovery and data recovery from deleted or
            crashed hard drives and memory devices
  • →    Investigations that may require Breach Notification
            including California SB 1386 Database Breach Act
  • →    Extraction of Internet and social media history
  • →    Litigation support for ongoing cases and matters
  • →    Mobile Forensics including hacked/compromised iPhone,
            Android, Blackberry and smartphone devices and
            recovery of deleted text messages