Digital & Cyber Investigations

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A digital forensic or incident response investigation can yield many new clues to open further avenues of inquiry. With decades of law enforcement experience, the investigative team at Maryman & Associates can simultaneously handle a technical investigation while pairing it with a human component. This frequently includes interviews with custodians, witnesses, participants, and suspects dovetailing into ongoing human resource investigations. Where applicable, this includes polygraph administration and analysis, sweeping for bugs, listening or monitoring devices (technical and electronic countermeasure sweep). If the case is referred for prosecution, we provide law enforcement liaison services which enable your legal team to focus resources elsewhere. Our investigators’ many skill sets allow for the quick resolution of many types of litigation and internal investigations.

  • →    Deleted file analysis & data recovery
  • →    Law enforcement liaison services
  • →    Litigation support
  • →    Network vulnerability assessment
  • →    Polygraph administration & analysis
  • →    Technical and electronic counter measures
  • →    Participant interviews
  • →    Human resources & internal investigations