Maryman & Associates Digital Investigation Services

Frequently companies will start an investigation through their internal IT or MIS group, however, IT/MIS are not properly equipped to handle forensic investigations. The forensic investigation process involves many specialized components. One of these components involves creating a piece of best evidence. Best evidence is the process by which the information on a computer, a smartphone or other mobile device, or server is acquired through a means by which authenticity can be guaranteed in court. A forensic investigation will typically include looking at multiple different types of data from many different sources. Frequently, an investigation includes searching for files that have been deleted. If corporate IT is used to start the investigation, they will frequently overwrite these files that have been deleted without knowing that they have already compromised the evidence and the investigation.

    • Computer Forensics

      Computer Forensics

      Computer forensics is the art and science beginning with digital devices such as computers, mobile phones, and servers being acquired into a court-approved technical file format. This information is then brought back to the team’s secure lab and investigated using a wide variety of software tools and techniques…

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    • Incident Response

      Incident Response

      During a data breach, having the right people by your side is often the difference between a meltdown and an effective crisis aversion. The computer security experts at Maryman & Associates specialize in helping companies to mitigate threats before, during, and after an attack. Incident response is not just limited to hacking…

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    • Investigations


      A digital forensic or incident response investigation can yield many new clues to open further avenues of inquiry. With decades of law enforcement experience, the investigative team at Maryman & Associates can simultaneously handle a technical investigation while pairing it with a human component…

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    • eDiscovery


      Digital or electronically stored information is a frequent component with the majority of ongoing civil and criminal litigation. The digital forensic experts at Maryman & Associates work closely with counsel, information technology, and evidence custodians to identify, preserve, and collect documents…

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    • Security Consulting

      Security Consulting

      Investigating thousands of devices per year allows the Maryman & Associates team to draw parallels and lessons learned from a variety of cases. The security consulting services offered by Maryman & Associates work well before or after an incident or investigation. Broken down…

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    • Expert Witness Services

      Expert Witness Testimony Services

      Our computer forensic expert witnesses have many years of industry expertise in both civil and criminal matters. Our highly trained and disciplined staff members have served with universities, military, law enforcement and intelligence agencies around the world.
      Our experts either currently hold or have held…

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Did You Know?

Active Mobile Devices

There are 6.8 billion active cellular devices in the world. With 7 billion people in the world, that’s nearly enough for every man, woman, and child to have one.

Global Cyber Crime

Global cyber crime costs an estimated $110 billion a year and impacts 18 victims per second.

Patch Your Computers!

The majority of computers that are infected with viruses and malware contract the problems due to outdated versions of Adobe Flash, Acrobat Reader, Oracle Java, and Microsoft Internet Explorer and Office Suite. Keeping your software up to date helps keep you secure.

Stealing Company Data

50% of former employees admit to stealing company intellectual property data when leaving their job, 56% don’t believe it’s wrong, and 40% plan to use it in their new job.