Expert Witness Testimony Services

Our computer forensic expert witnesses have many years of industry expertise in both civil and criminal matters. Our highly trained and disciplined staff members have served with universities, military, law enforcement and intelligence agencies around the world. Our experts either currently hold or have held U.S. Government security clearances to at least the TS level.

Our experts have provided expert witness testimony on issues such as:

  • →    Live and deleted documents and emails
  • →    Online user activities
  • →    Database forensics
  • →    Cellular and mobile forensics
  • →    Computer usage patterns
  • →    Time line analysis
  • →    Network breaches
  • →    Metadata analysis
  • →    Commercial reasonableness of online security programs
  • →    Spoliation of digital evidence

They provide impartial expert opinions based on discovery, due diligence and the technical leadership, knowledge, and experience they bring to the case.